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We are a not for profit group of arts experts with a passion for connecting artists and events around the world. 

How we operate

We are a borderless arts presenter utilizing cooperative strategies to manage risk; support festivals and event activities; and showcase artists to new markets. We develop opportunities for international networking and presenter support, in partnership with industry leaders in the United States, Canada, and abroad. We execute audience development strategies for artists, and develop strong touring routes with dynamic, multicycle tactics in target markets. Our long term strategies for international marketing are customized to cultivate and grow audiences over several seasons


Michael Owen (President)
Lyle Crilly (Treasurer)
Mark Marczyk (Secretary)


To support music in performance, especially in the space where cultures intersect and current descriptions fail.


Our vision is to provide a framework of significant infrastructure that enables borderless collaboration in event and audience development,


  • To enable performing artists and arts professionals to have more sustainable careers
  • To support borderless cooperation between Canada, the United States, and the international marketplace
  • To present more culturally diverse artists to audiences and areas that lack access.
  • To promote increased cross cultural understanding and empathy within and across communities



Nomadic Sound Series is a fresh and innovative concert series  presenting an electric line up of sometimes inaccessible forms of new music in popular genres influenced by the sounds and cultures of the world.. Along with musical experience, the Nomadic Sound Series will transport the audience to brighter, sunnier and more creative states of mind where cross cultural intersections are as important as the party..

For more information on upcoming concerts, events, and the artists we support please visit the website here:


In addition to our other events and initiatives, we have begun to organize “Canada Spotlight” missions to various music industry events around the world.

In late 2020, Trade Routes will launch a virtual Canada Spotlight in partnership with the Circulart showcase conference in Medellin, Colombia with the goal of bringing the best Canadian music to the world. For more information, click here.  

If you are Canadian artist or industry professional and planning to attend any international conferences, we welcome you to get in touch!

Cross Border Presenting Network

 Cross Border Presenting Network (CBPN) is a new collaborative project that will strengthen and support borderless music presenting in Canada and the United States. CPBN will build stronger and more viable touring routes across North America; share market information and best practice; and create more sustainable touring careers for artists. The benefits will elevate the entire professional touring ecology, including presenters, venues, clubs, promoters, agents, managers and industry service consultants. CBPN’s potential for sustainable touring is endless,

To learn home and how to get involved please visit the website



Michael Owen

Derek Andrews

Maria Grajales

Bianca Mukhi

Freddy Monasterio

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