Canada Spotlight is an initiative that aims to give Canadian Artists and industry professionals a pathway to international touring and business development. In partnership with industry, Trade Routes will continue to execute missions to various international music industry events and conferences around the world.


What is Canada Spotlight?

Canada Spotlight is a showcase series that premiered in the fall of 2020. Canada Spotlight was created as an opportunity to introduce Canadian artists to new markets, offer global exposure and networking opportunities in the music industry.

Who can apply to the Canada Spotlight showcase?

Applications are open to all Canada-based agencies, and artists who are export ready.

Artists must have at least one sound recording commercially available in Canada within 12 months of the export showcase and have public and industry recognition (via radio play, video play, web hits and streams, music press, blogs, awards, etc.).

Selected Artists must be available to participate and perform and have at least one business representative available to participate in the business meetings. Artists can choose to to represent themselves in the business meetings.

Participants are responsible for any associated expenses. Fees may apply for participate in some Canada Spotlight activities and events. please read the details of each initiative carfully..

How do I apply?

Deadlines are rolling and vary from spotlight to spotlight.  New Canada Spotlight initiatives will be announced on the page so please check back regularry 

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